FOSDEM 2020 - Infra Management Devroom

The Infra Management Devroom is a devroom for developers, system engineers, SRE, system administrators and all practitioners of Infrastructure as Code or Infrastructure Management.
We are looking for any topic relating to Infrastructure, including but not limited to Configuration Management, Infrastructure Orchestration, Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Automation, and Infrastructure Monitoring.

  • Configuration and Systems Management theory, principles and development
  • Configuration and Systems Management tools - with an emphasis on real world use cases
  • Techniques and case studies
  • Audit, Compliance and Security
  • Various DevOps topics, including collaboration and training tips.

The devroom will run on Saturday 1st or Sunday 2nd of February 2020 in Brussels, Belgium before Config Management Camp 2020 Ghent, Belgium

What we’re looking this year

Types of accepted proposals:

  • Short Presentations: a 25-minute talk on a topic of your choice, with some time for questions.
  • Long Presentations: a 50-minute talk on a topic of your choice, with some time for questions.


  • Multiple entries are welcome
  • Submissions must be made by one of the presenters; we do not accept proposals submitted on behalf of others.

The Call for Presentations will close on 2019-11-03 23:59:59 CET

You can enter submissions until 2019-11-03 23:59 (Europe/Brussels), 1 week, 6 days from now.