Plugin Development Workshop - Pulp Project ( )
2020-02-05, 10:00–13:00, B.4.039

Pulp imports, organizes, and hosts various types of software including RPMs, Ansible Roles/Collections, Docker Containers, and many more Pulp is plugin based, with each plugin adding support for specific content types.

Learn how to write a plugin, or add a new feature to an existing one. Together we will learn:

  • The anatomy of a plugin
  • The plugin_template to bootstrap your plugin
  • Installing your plugin using the existing Ansible installer for Pulp
  • Syncing content from remote sources
  • Publishing content using Pulp locally or with S3
  • Generating client library based on OpenAPI schema

Development commonly happens using a tool called Pulplift. To easily participate, install it’s requirements before arriving: Basic Python experience is recommended.

Please come in at any time. We will have multiple Pulp developers in the room to help everyone.