Constantin Weisser

Constantin Weisser is a Consultant and Trainer for Novatec Consulting GmbH, based in Germany. He is accompanying customers on their journey to modern software development. He focuses on methods and tools around software delivery, that is, covering all the way from the source code to a running application in the Cloud. Constantin advocates tailored tooling, step-by-step automation and engineering approaches to speed up software development and delivery, enabling teams to ship high quality applications.

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Hacking Terraform: Engineer your Migration to IaC

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is considered the predominant approach to manage Cloud Infrastructure at large scale. Terraform is the market-leading tool implementing this approach, including support for all big Clouds Providers. It is extremely convenient to start new projects from scratch and automate your infrastructure right away. But what if you started without? What if you want to manage big amounts of pre-existing Cloud resources with Terraform?

Terraform's import command is one building block, but using it manually for many resources is very tedious and error-prone. A complete import mechanism is announced by Hashicorp, but it is unclear when it will be implemented. In this talk I will show you how to work smart, not hard: we will automate the import into the statefile, generate the required Terraform code and engineer the correctness of the result with automated tests. All hands-on and with practical examples, that you can reuse to migrate your own infrastructure.

The Road to Reliability: Infrastructure Testing explained

For years, there has been a shift to "Infrastructure as Code (IaC)". The code we write daily is not just the application itself, but also definition of whatever Cloud Infrastructure the application needs. Tools like Terraform, Pulumi or Cloud APIs support this approach. The code base we start with is often simple and clear, the resulting infrastructure predictable. Growing code bases, entangled components and more advanced language features such as conditional configurations make it increasingly hard to foretell if everything works as expected.

In this talk, you will learn ways to test your infrastructure code. We will cover a variety of tools and approaches, that allow you to engineer the reliability of your productive infrastructure and make you confident to roll out more infrastructure changes in less time. This is not a theoretical lesson. We will walk through real-life examples with visible benefits that you can apply yourself right away.