Abhijeet Kasurde

“Writing Ansible module for fun and profit”

Adam Ruzicka

“Dynflow - Orchestration for your Ruby project”

Alberto Planas

“Yomi - Installation of the OS using SaltStack”

Alexander Fisher

“That's not my puppet - Things *not* to do (and some alternatives)!”

Alexandre Brianceau

“What’s new in RUDDER and future roadmap” | “Why compliance is essential in configuration management?”

Alexis Mousset

“A RUDDER walkthrough: manage your configurations through compliance” | “Designing the future of agent-server communication in RUDDER”

Amit Upadhye

“Using Ansible Vault to secure passwords, ssh keys and secure tokens.” | “The Baremetal Discovery and SecureBoot provisioning using Foreman”

Anders Bruvik

“Kubernetes mobprogramming experiment”

Andy Davies

“Nomad: Kubernetes, without the complexity”

Andy Wirtz

“Kubernetes as CfgMgmt-Tool”

Anton Babenko

“Terraform, Pulumi... but what do we really need!?” | “Design, Draw, Deploy your AWS infrastructure from inception to production”

Ben Ford

“Case study: porting the whole world to a new API” | “Puppet Contributor Session”

Benoît Pecatte

“Introduction to RUDDER Language”

Bernd Erk

“How Convenience Is Killing Open Standards”

Bernhard Hopfenmüller

“Probing Ansible Bonds with Molecule tests”

Bram Vogelaar

“Test your infrastructure with litmus”

Brian Bouterse

“Pulp install - Fest (Ansible, Container Registry, or RPMs)” | “Ansible Collaboration within your Organization”

Cédric Bosdonnat

“Manage Virtual Machines like Configuration with Salt”

Claes Buckwalter

“Migrating a build farm from on-prem to AWS”

Constantin Weisser

“The Road to Reliability: Infrastructure Testing explained” | “Hacking Terraform: Engineer your Migration to IaC”

David Heijkamp

“Doomed are the dinosaurs II”

Dennis Kliban

“Pulp install - Fest (Ansible, Container Registry, or RPMs)” | “Using OpenAPI to Maximise Your Pulp 3 Experience”

Dirk Götz

“Getting data out of your Foreman” | “Foreman - Basics and Provisioning”

Eric Keller

“Global Linux client with Ansible and Foreman”

Eric Sorenson

“Configuration Management in 2020 and Beyond”


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Evgeni Golov

“Developing Ansible modules for Foreman and Katello” | “Maintaining over 40 Ansible modules: 4 years later”

Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden

“To Foreman 2.0 and beyond: an architecture perspective” | “foreman-installer: 6 years of wrapping Puppet”

Félix Dallidet

“Getting started with RUDDER, the most "secops" configuration management tool” | “Using RUDDER plugins to package tools and configuration policies”

Felix Frank

“Running Puppet from mgmt on overdrive” | “Bare Metal Provisioning with Ansible and Cobbler”

Florian Ganée

“Rudder and Ansible: a love story”

Florian Heigl

“Cross-OS security hardening”

Franziska Bühler

“Web Application Firewall - Friend of your DevOps pipeline?”

Ganesh B Nalawade

“Writing Ansible module for fun and profit”

Gareth J Greenaway

“Managing Secrets Using SaltStack and Pillar” | “Agentless SaltStack” | “Advanced Salt States: Going Beyond YAML”


“Your own kubernetes lab with k3s”

Ian Ballou

“Managing Content in Your Large-Scale Datacenter with Katello” | “Developer Stories: How to Upgrade to a Moving Target Without Disturbing Users or Your Sanity”

James Nugent

“Terraform Configuration Without The Mess”

James (purpleidea)

“Mgmt Config: Hands on with Autonomous Datacentres” | “Mgmt Config: Autonomous Datacentres”

Jan Bundesmann

“Switching from Docker to CRI-O”

Jay Goldberg

“Data-Driven Configuration with CFEngine's classfiltercsv function” | “Principle of Least Configuration”

John Willis

“I got 99 problems and a bash DSL ain't one of them.”

Julien Pivotto

“Why you should revisit mgmt” | “Magic YAML” | “Grafana Dashboard Automation”

Kimball Johnson

“One tool to rule them all, Infrastructure Testing and Compliance with Chef Inspec”

Lander Van den Bulcke

“Achieving fully hands-off deployment of an Icinga 2 cluster using Puppet”

Lev Goncharov

“Lessons learned from testing over 200,000 lines of Infrastructure Code”

Malcolm Holmes

“Tanka, a tool for managing K8s: ksonnet Rises Again” | “Grafana Dashboard Automation”

Marcel van Lohuizen

“Scalable configuration with CUE”

Marek Hulan

“Creating reports based on Foreman data”

Martin Hickey

“Automating and Managing Clusters with Helm”

Matteo Valentini

“DNS as code with octoDNS”

Matthias Dellweg

“Probing Ansible Bonds with Molecule tests” | “Squeeze the last drop out of pulp with ansible”

Michael Ducy

“Automating Security Response with Serverless” | “Rethinking Open Source in the Age of Cloud”

Mirza Krak

“Challenges of Internet of Things at scale”

Nick Anderson

“What's new in CFEngine”

Nick Anderson

“CFEngine Workshop Room”


“Feedback on scalability and load testing of a configuration management software”

Nicolas Fränkel

“Your own Kubernetes Operator: Not Only in Go”

Nils Christian Flinder Roscher-Nielsen

“CFEngine Workshop Room”

Ole Herman Schumacher Elgesem

“Modernizing the CFEngine project”

Oleksandr Saprykin

“Ansible Collaboration within your Organization”

Ondřej Ezr

“Foreman on Ansible”

Pablo Suárez Hernández

“Learn configuration management and SDI from scratch using Uyuni” | “Running Ansible within Salt - Get the best of both worlds”

Pau Garcia Quiles

“Learn configuration management and SDI from scratch using Uyuni”

Paul Czarkowski

“DevOps is dead, Servers are dying, and I don't feel so great myself.” | “Hands on with Kubernetes”

Paul Stack

“Modern Infrastructure as Code” | “Can TypeScript really make infrastructure management easy?” | “The Hard Thing About Kubernetes (It's the Infrastructure!)”

Peter Souter

“Head in the Clouds: Testing Infra as Code”

Philipp Krenn

“Observability is More than Logs, Metrics & Traces” | “seccomp — Your Next Layer of Defense”

Philipp Lemke

“Automate Monitoring with Salt and CheckMK”

Pieter Lexis

“YANG and NETCONF - model-based configuration management for networks”

Quirin Pamp

“Using Git submodules”

Raphaël Pinson

“Terraboard, a web interface to view Terraform data” | “Manage Configuration File Entries with Augeasproviders”

Ricardo Amaro

“Kapitan: generic configuration management for Kubernetes, Terraform and other things”


“Designing and building a Large Scale CD system”


“Automating the Vox Pupuli Yak Shaving”

Ryn Daniels

“Untitled Config Game”

Shira Maximov

“Creating API and CLI for Foreman Kubevirt Compute Resource”

Shobhna Shastri

“Vault Deploy: Organizing Terraform Code for Multiple Vault Clusters”

Simon McCartney

“Autopilot, but never let go of the wheel”

Taylor Thomas

“Automating and Managing Clusters with Helm”

Thorsten Jakoby

“Infrastructure as code in action ! - How we built a platform during a cloud migration”

Tim Meusel

“Automating the Vox Pupuli Yak Shaving” | “Rollout all your Prometheus exporters with Puppet!”

Tomasz Tarczynski

“Config Mgmt for Kubernetes workloads with GitOps and Helm”

Tomer Brisker

“Foreman Construction Day” | “The Foreman Community Update”

Ton Kersten

“Ansible with ARA on RHEL7/CentOS7, welcome to hell!”

Tyler Johnson

“POP Culture: An intro to Plugin Oriented Programming”

Victor Héry

“Rudder and Ansible: a love story”

Vratislav Podzimek

“Modernizing the CFEngine project”

Xander Grzywinski

“Continuous Delivery: Infrastructure Edition!”